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Looking for English teacher in Kyoto, Japan!

<About R-pool Teaching Employment>
What to do in Kyoto Japan? Ever wanted to teach English in Japan?
Find students to fit your own schedule.
No set curriculum so you can carry out lessons at your pace, your style.
No experience, no qualifications, no Japanese? = No problem!

Hoever applicants must be native speakers of English.
Find students of all ages. Teach kids, teach adults, even teach senior citizens.
Mostly private lessons, but company business lessons also available.
Hourly wage is generally 2,500 Yen. Wage can increase depending on the number of students.
Teach your students in a café, at the student’s home, or at R-pool.

<Find a Student: Step By Step>
(1) Prospective students will be introduced to teachers after consideration of their application.
(2) Information about the teaching job will be sent. Such as place, time, number of lessons per week, what kind of lesson, etc. (If you don’t agree to the conditions at this point, you may decline)
(3)A 30 minute trial lesson will be arranged.
(4) Upon approval of the student, regular lessons will begin.
If there are no problems, you will be introduced to more prospective students.
*Teaching employment at R-pool is all part-time. Find students to fit your schedule.

<Trial Lesson: Step By Step>

1. Introduction [5min] ⇒ 2. 30 minute lesson [30min] ⇒ 3. Lesson finishes.  Teacher dismissed. [10min]

Looking forward to hearing from you!
R-pool Co., Ltd.


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